Job Description

Posted 11/13/2021


Job TitleVice President of Battery Engineering


Company Description

EoCell is a developer and manufacture of High-Energy Nano-Silicon Anode Materials, Innovative Non-Flammable Electrolyte Technologies, and Advanced Battery Cell Design & Development.

Our battery technologies have the high performance required for various emerging applications today in electric vehicles, energy storage, consumer electronics, industrial vehicles, and others.

We are looking for an experienced scientist to join our Engineering Team. The Principal Scientist will drive performance improvement across all electrodes. The ideal candidate will dive into hands-on lab work, using electrochemical, analytical and materials characterization techniques to assess, understand, and improve electrolyte formulations for full cell performance. The candidate will work closely with chemical, materials, and cell engineers on the technology development team.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Responsible for directing and overseeing the development of battery cell. Specifically, the job duties include:


·       Direct the construction of the pilot line for cylindrical cell development.

·       Lead the development of energy density pouch type cell with SCN Gen.2 materials.

·       Oversee the development of cylindrical cells for EV and power tool applications.

·       Lead the new anode materials development project of high-capacity silicon-carbon nanocomposite materials (SCN) and pilot-scale materials production.

·       Initiate, plan, and direct research and development projects to resolve complicated battery and battery material related technical problems.

·       Develop or improve slurry and coating characterization techniques to determine formulation-performance relationships and offer cell level corrective strategies.

·       Formulate, implement, and evaluate new battery technologies to meet the requirements of EV.

·       Lead development and scaleup of lithium metal all-solid-state battery architectures.

·       Lead a team of engineers to improve and optimize battery characteristics, performance, and safety.

·       Seek and develop strategic partnerships.

 Job Qualifications:

Master’s degree in Materials Science, Materials Engineering, or related plus 5 years’ experience as a Principal Engineer, Materials Engineer, Chemical Engineer, Director of Battery Engineering or related

Job Site:                     

1321 Ridder Park Drive, Suite 10, San Jose, CA 95131

 Please email resume to: [email protected]